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 cantonese tongue twisters

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PostSubject: cantonese tongue twisters   Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:10 pm


baak6 sek6 baak6 jau6 waat6
bun1 loi4 baak6 sek6 daap2 baak6 t'aap2
baak6 sek6 t'aap2 baak6 sek6 daap2
baak6 sek6 daap2 baak6 t'aap2
daap2 hou5 baak6 sek6 t'aap2
baak6 t'aap3 baak6 jau6 waat6


jap6 sat6 jim6 sat1, kam6 gan5 gap1 zai2


gwat3 gum1 gwat3 gat1 gwat3 gai1 gwat1
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cantonese tongue twisters
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